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Headquartered in Bangalore, Srikam Wellness is an integrated holistic healing space, with sound healing playing a pivotal role. Sound healing is offered using Tibetan singing bowls; it is a centuries-old, non-invasive, and highly effective tool used to relieve stress and revitalize the body.

Our vision is to facilitate the creation of 100 million self-healers through our integrated wellness approach. We would like to make this vision a reality by integrating various forms of holistic healing, which include sound healing, visualization, subconscious belief alteration, yoga, pranayama, acupuncture, acupressure, and auricular therapy, among others. The goal is for humanity to become aware that they are energy bodies; by simply working on energy, we can create wellness in abundance.

We are making this a reality by training health practitioners through Srikam Sound Academy. We are empowering various kinds of healers to become entrepreneurs, or health-preneurs, in their own right. We do this by teaching nurses, yoga teachers, naturopathy doctors, energy healers, and others the benefits of the Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing methodology. Currently, we have partners in Morocco, Malaysia, and parts of India.

By integrating sound healing into their existing practice, health-preneurs have the opportunity to earn a great living while making a difference to the physical and mental health of thousands of patients.



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