Experience Sound Healing!

Corporate sound healing

Srikam offers sound healing at your workplace! We provide everything you will need for the process, with a typical session lasting about 30 minutes.

Receivers of sound healing across the world have reported a clear improvement in their ability to think and communicate. They’ve also experienced relief from insomnia, lack of focus, mood swings, and ‘brain fog’. All of these directly led to a rise in productivity and motivation.

With the introduction of sound healing, the body resonates at a higher frequency and as a result, it becomes easier to concentrate listen to and implement new ideas with clarity, and cope with uncertainty more smoothly.

We currently offer regular sound healing sessions to the employees of HP, Bangalore, as well as guests at Shangri La, Bangalore.


Sound healing and schools

A common complaint among teachers and guardians is hyperactivity in children. At the core of distraction and hyperactivity lies the fact that a majority of those suffering from these problems are not able to receive auditory signals effectively. Although these children can hear, they have trouble tuning out unwanted input and as a result are overwhelmed by too many sounds.

The sound waves from the singing bowls train the brain to function at more relaxing alpha and theta frequencies. As a result, children become more relaxed, can receive more information, and function at optimum energy levels throughout the day.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your school.

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